• Jump Jolt - v1.0.0 - APK - [21.000 VND]

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    #Giới Thiệu Trò Chơi
    Wall jump as high as you can in this fast-paced climbing super hero game! You control a parkour vigilante that can stick to walls thanks to his double sided duck-taped wet suit. Avoid deadly robots and climb up buildings to save the city.
    - Parkour mechanic: climb by jumping from wall to wall! - Unlock new colours & outfits as you climb higher
    - Two difficulty modes and enemy types One handed game - perfect for that morning commute where you only have a single hand free! A dual thumb mode is also available for pros, as well as a simple tap to jump control scheme. High contrast graphics to play under all light conditions. Rated #5 game for the Shenanijam 2018. Stick around!
    Jump Jolt - v1.0.0 - APK - [21.000 VND]

    #Thông Tin
    - Tên : Jump Jolt 
    - Version : 1.0.0
    - Root : Không
    - Android: 4.0+
    - Dung Lượng: 27MB
    - Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hotchpotch.games.jump.jolt

    #Hình Ảnh
    Jump Jolt - v1.0.0 - APK - [21.000 VND]

    #Chức Năng Mod
    - Chưa Có Chức Năng Mod

    #Hướng Dẫn
    - Bước 1: Tải Game
    - Bước 2 :Cài Đặt Chơi Game Bình Thường

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