• SnapTime : SilentㆍSquareㆍStamp Camera - 2.51 - APK

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    SnapTime has built-in add-ons including default camera features, insert date and time, photo location, memos or QR code into the pictures, and easily take square pictures for SNS or Blogs such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Take location inserted pictures with GPS even in airplanes, ships, and wildlife. Can be used for on-site photography such as events, insurance, real estate, Construction, and rentals. Silent and vibration shutter Useful for manners in public places such as libraries, lecture rooms, during meetings and seminars, and easily take pictures for babies and pets. Real-time stamp Take pictures with date and time, photo memo, or location (Geotag and GPS options), and easily remember when and where the picture was taken.
     High-quality square photo Supports continuous focus, auto focus and HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, take close-up pictures by touch the screen, or easily take pictures of all high-resolutions in a 1:1 square aspect ratio. Zoom and exposure adjustment Adjust zoom with multi-touch (pinch zoom), and adjust the exposure for backlight shot with dial. Easy selfie Take pictures by screen touch, easy selfie with countdown zoom timer and camera mirroring, and supports remote control such as bluetooth by volume button shooting.
    Easy video Adjust the zoom and exposure during the recording, supports video recording with stamp and mono or sepia effects. QR code stamp 2-D barcodes on pictures with Web and Email address, signatures, etc. and useful for certification or on-site photos, and promotions in business. Stamp options √ Edit and save stamps to existing photos. √ Edit location (Travel spot, Place, etc.) √ Edit memo (Anniversary, Name, etc.) √ Select or deselect stamps. √ Stamp fonts, color and size settings. √ Save original photo without stamp. √ Generate the QR code stamp. ※ This app does not collect any personal information, uses only the minimum permission to run it.
    SnapTime : SilentㆍSquareㆍStamp Camera - 2.51 - APK

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    - Tên : SnapTime : SilentㆍSquareㆍStamp Camera
    - Version : 2.51
    - Root : Không
    - Android: 4.4+
    - Dung Lượng: 1MB
    - Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kimscom.snaptime

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    SnapTime : SilentㆍSquareㆍStamp Camera - 2.51 - APK

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