• Zombie Road Escape - v1.1.0 - Mod Money

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    #Giới Thiệu Trò Chơi
    Dịch mô tả sang Tiếng Việt bằng Google Dịch? Zombies are coming, you only have one car You only have to pass this zombie-filled road and get to the next location to have a chance to survive. Escape all the zombies on the road and get to the next location. Game features:
    ◆ Real doomsday scene, realistic zombie model Let you start a thrilling escape right now!
    ◆Various vehicle types There are different kinds of vehicles here, each level has a corresponding vehicle waiting for you to unlock, from small cars to big trucks to tanks, and vehicles are your strongest defense in this world.
    ◆Unique vehicle upgrade system Just being able to defend is not enough. To fight the zombies, you need to upgrade your car accessories, put a gun on it, shoot the explosives and zombies, put a spiked frame on it, and push down all the obstacles. Install a booster so that it can fly over a series of obstacles and traps.
    ◆Pumpkin pattern A variety of grotesque monsters, interesting roadblocks, how to escape traps to get more pumpkins, it's time to test your true technology. Gameplay: Control the vehicle, use all methods, drive to the end of the road, and escape from the zombie.
    Zombie Road Escape - v1.1.0 - Mod Money

    #Thông Tin
    - Tên : Zombie Road Escape
    - Version : 1.1.0
    - Root : Không
    - Android: 2.3+
    - Dung Lượng: 74MB
    - Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zombieroadescape

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    Zombie Road Escape - v1.1.0 - Mod Money

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    - Full Money

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    - Bước 1: Tải Game
    - Bước 2 :Cài Đặt Chơi Game Bình Thường

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